Telecom Training Corporation’s Learning and Development Workshops Will Ensure Your Project Exceeds Expectations

brain-iconsTTC is unique in that we blend our years of training design and delivery experience on similar projects with our industry knowledge, subject matter expertise, and best practices. This allows us to seamlessly address all key issues identified during your complimentary needs analysis so your employees learn critical skills, knowledge and behaviors to perform at optimal levels for the growth of your organization.

In addition to our complimentary needs analysis, we include two days of customization at no charge though some projects may involve additional development time.

High tech companies can either choose to purchase a customized training workshop, including the program license, or have us deliver it on an as-needed basis. Our trainers can conduct the course or we can certify your managers/trainers to deliver it.

Our team of 500+ professional trainers can also provide consulting on your project plans and coaching for post-training reinforcement to ensure that the desired knowledge and skills are used on a daily basis.

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Examples of Training Solutions Customized By Telecom Training Corporation

TTC is a full-service provider of training solutions including these major categories: Sales for All Distribution Channels; Customer Service/Call Center/Telemarketing; Leadership/Management/Supervisory; Workshops for All Employees and Managers; Training/Coaching/Consulting Services; and Products/Services Training.

The following section is organized by category to provide several examples of training projects TTC has custom designed followed by a summary of our most popular workshops.

Each workshop is available for immediate launch or can be customized to meet your specific goals and requirements.

In addition, we can effectively develop any type of training course that your company needs because of our extensive experience and industry relationships.

Sales Training for All Distribution Channels

Project Examples:

Comcast/Verizon Wireless - Designed innovative training on iPads for Comcast wireless retail managers to train Verizon Wireless retail sales reps to sell XFINITY™ phone, Internet, and TV solutions on the retail sales floor in 3-5 minute training modules. 

Two Degrees Wireless (New Zealand) – Designed training for their indirect sales managers to provide sales training to the unique alternative sales distribution channels not currently being used by their larger competitors.

Sales Training Workshop Examples

Indirect Channel / Agent / Reseller / Dealer Selling Skills

Retail Selling Skills

Increasing Retail Store Traffic

Basic Selling Skills

Customer Service Selling Skills

Outbound Telesales

Consultative Selling Skills

Relationship Selling

Business to Business Prospecting

Strategic Sales Negotiations

Major Account Development Strategies

Effective Sales Proposals and Presentations

Prospecting to Set More Qualified Appointments

Competitive Selling

Selling Triple/Quadruple Play Bundled Services

Selling Mobile Data Solutions

Customer Service, Call Center, Telemarketing Workshops

Project Examples:

Ameritech/Security Link – Designed centralized call center training that provided new standardized business processes when Ameritech purchased lots of “mom and pop” small security companies.

Singapore Telecom – Custom designed and delivered outbound telemarketing sales training and advanced competitive selling strategies.

Customer Service, Call Center, Telemarketing Workshop Examples

Customer Service Skills

Managing Upset Customers

Inbound and Outbound Telemarketing Selling Skills

Inbound and Outbound Call Center Customer Service Skills

Enhancing Email Communications

Upselling Existing and New Customers

Keeping Your Customers For Life

Leadership, Management, Supervisory Workshops

Project Examples:

Cable & Wireless/LIME (Caribbean) – Designed and conducted 6 two-day training workshops on various leadership topics for high potential performers to prepare them to move into leadership roles.

US Cellular – Designed and conducted the training when they acquired PrimeCo to train PrimeCo managers and employees on the new culture, sales and customer service approach, business processes/procedures, ordering systems, human resource plans, etc.

Leadership, Management, Supervisory Workshop Examples

World Class Management Skills

Indirect Channel / Agent / Dealer / Reseller Management

Retail Management

Call Center Management

Supervisor Boot Camp for Customer Contact Centers

Sales Management

Developing Your Sales Team

Coaching for Superior Sales Results

Creating a Motivational Environment

Developing Creative Marketing Strategies

Effective Presentation Skills

Financial Decision Making

Managing Challenging Situations

Managing Multi-Generational Employees

Training Techniques for Managers

Self Management

Relationship Management

Business Management

Customer Management

Performance Management

Change & Innovation Management

Workshops for All Employees and Managers

Project Examples:

Manx Telecom (Isle of Man)  Designed a curriculum of workshops for the entire company to create a sales-driven organization to prepare for new competition.

Belize Telecom and SETAR (Aruba) – Designed and delivered training on how to deliver excellent service to internal and external customers for all employees of the organization to prepare for new competition.

Workshop Examples

Transforming Our Organization

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture

We’re All Ambassadors for Our Company

Facing Our New Competitors Together

Change Management in our Turbulent Industry

Excellent Customer Service as a Competitive Differentiator

Making Your Internal and External Customers Feel Valued

New Policies, Procedures, and Processes

Interdepartmental Team Building

Effective Presentation Skills

Leading Effective Meetings

Valuing Your Internal Customers

Training, Consulting and Coaching Services

Project Examples:

Saudi Arabia Telecom – Designed and conducted a train-the-trainer workshop for Jordanian training consultants to train Saudi Arabian sales representatives on customer-focused selling skills.

Comcast – Provided certified training consultants to deliver training and coaching for inside sales and customer service on a McKinsey-based customer focused philosophy. 

Examples of Training, Consulting, and Coaching Services

New Distribution Channel Launches

New Product/Service Introductions

Customized Work Flows, Business Processes, and Methods and Procedures

One-on-One Coaching of Executives, Managers, and Front Line Employees

Mystery Shopper Phone Calls and Store Visits

Train-the-Trainer (T3) Certification

Dynamic Workshop Delivery Techniques

Powerful Instructional Design Strategies

Consulting on Best Training Practices

Consulting on Selling and Supporting New Products/Services

Consulting on Becoming a Customer Focused Organization

Consulting on Becoming a Sales Driven Organization

Consulting on Making Policies, Processes and Procedures Customer Focused

500+ Industry-Experienced Professional Training Consultants Available For Delivery, Coaching And Consulting

Products/Service Training Workshops

Project Examples:

JEA (Jackson Electric Authority) –  Designed and delivered product sales training to the sales and customer service teams of a rural electric company that started selling voice, data, and video solutions after installing a fiber optic smart grid.

Alcatel-Lucent – Designed a global competitive selling strategies workshop that reflected world-wide cultural differences impacting the sales decision making process.

Product/Service Examples (Note: Seminars Can Be Developed for Any New Technologies, Systems, and Software)




Broadcast Media

Bundled Products/Services

Cable TV Operations and Technologies

Call Center Technologies



Cloud Based Services

CPE (IP PBX, Hybrid, Key Systems)


Data Communications

Digital Networking


DWDM and Next Generation Optical Networks

Electric Power Smart Grid

Entertainment Options

Fiber Optics

Frame Relay

In-Building Wireless


IP Routers and Bridges




Local Service

Long Distance

Mobile IP


Outside Plant

Optical Networks


Satellite Technologies

Security Services (Professional and Self Monitored)




Unified Messaging

Voice Communications

Virtual Private Networks



Wireless Voice and Data

Wireless Number Portability

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